March 30, 2008

(This was the latest blog entry from my original “Mystephenkingbooks” blog at blogspost… You can read the rest of the entry there, thanks very much)..
I was walking around my room this morning and out of nothing started browsing/looking to the shelves of my Stephen King books collections and thought to myself, “Geez, I sure have lots of collection. Wonder which of these are the best”.

My answer? Insomia.

The paperback book (and the hardbound) copy that I have are few inches thick! Can you imagine how long that super novel is?

But every word is worth it! Insomnia is my favorite ‘at the moment’. Probably because the story, scene and characters are still fresh on my mind. Geez, I can still see the scene where the ‘kamikaze’ pilot is going to drop the plane!

I love “Bag of Bones” too at some point when I re-read it for the third times. What I’m trying to say is that, Stephen King has tremendously large number of fantastic books and to decide which one is the best (or your favorite) should not be asked… very hard for a human mind to comprehend.. 😀