The Shining TV Special

August 18, 2008

It was April 1 of this year (or May31, something) when I first saw the movie The Shining, the original, which starring Jack Nicholson.

The other day I bought the DVD of The Shining TV special which aired sometime on 1997 (Jack Nicholson movie was 1980, btw). Yesterday we watched the whole 6 hour/3 DVD set!

It was great!

You can read my post about it on my movie blog and on my daddy blog… 😀

Just want to mention here that I prefer the TV special, not that I don’t like Jack N. I do,.. it just that the TV is better, imho. Plus Stephen King directs it. 😀

Also, just want to mention here that there was no mortgage and refinancing story about the Overlook hotel. Movies showing there was also not about Redtube and TUbe8 ok? Just want to make it straight. 😀

Yep that’s true, I’ve seen it. Marvel already released teh video trailer of their lates collaborative work with Stephen King, “The Stand”.

I couldn’t find any video of it yet on yuotube (Utube), that’s why I couldn’t post it here, but  you can check out this link to see if for yourself.

or at Marvel’s website

Exciting isn’t it? It sure is!

Mr. Stephen King has this unfinished, unpublished short story that is being released on original graphic video called simply “N”.

The 25-part animated film are being shown every weekday which started this week until August 29, 2008!

This is exciting news for all Stephen King fans out there!

The (new and upcoming) videos can be seen on free at It’s also available for purchase on iTunes.

Here’s the first part of the series of that much talked about graphic film.. here’s episode 1 take from utube video collection:

Here’s a few qoutes from the video/dialogue:

“Burn This”

“Dear Charlie, IT’s seems strange and perfectly natural to call you that although the last time I saw you, I was half that age I am now and you were the preeminent medical expert.”

“I opened it. I wish I hadn’t”