The Stand: The Graphical Novel

September 28, 2008

That’s me with my newest addition to my Stephen King collection.. Marvel Comic’s The Stand! Amazing! Bought it in Vancouver Canada for $4.25 CND

Already blogged about this on my other blog, read other details there. Also mentioned there something about redtube and xhamster but there really is no connection. Will dowload the movie The Stand to further remember the genius of Mr. Stephen King.

I’m sorry I forgot, I just read from some blog that it’s Mr. King’s birthday! So with a quick post (and flight of the bumblebee music background) I would like to greet my super idol, Stephen King, Happy 61st Birthday! (Don’t worry, that’s still young, insurance claiming is way over there still.)

Please sign my books? 🙂

Children of the Corn Remake

September 17, 2008

honestly, I haven’t seen the movie nor read the Stephen King book “Children of the Corn” so I’m not really sure if the movie is great (but the book must be great.. :D)

“Children of the Corn” was originally one of King’s short stories that was later compiled in the anthology “Night Shift.” The 1984 film based on the story starred Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton. Many sequels have followed.

I’ve read that the book will have a remake movie? Let’s wait and see,0,6806122.story