As there is a Top 10 most Pirated TV series from the Torrent website, there is also an equivalent 10 Most Pirated ebooks of 2009!

Here is the list of the 10 Most Pirated Ebooks of 2009…

1. Kamasutra

2. Adobe Photoshop Secrets

3. The Complete Idiots Guide to Amazing Sex

4. The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

5. Solar House: A Guide for the Solar Designer

6. Before Pornography: Erotic Writing in Early Modern England

7. Twilight – Complete Series

8. How to Get Anyone to Say Yes: The Art and the Craft

9. Nude Photography: The Art and Craft

10. Fix It – How To Do All Those Little Repair Jobs Around The Home

There are no Stephen King here but just so you know, that is the 10 most pirated ebook sof 2009

Lisey’s Story

October 15, 2008

Yesterday, I bought this new book from Superstore/Metrotown in Burnaby Canada. This is my newest addtition to my collection of Stephen King books. I forgot to blog about this last night, been busy listening and dowloading mp3 streaming music, specially Nessun Dorma.

Here’s a picture of me holding my new and shinny little big book.

Nice eh? I finally going to know what’s they’ve (Stephen King fans) been talking about. They said that this book is great. I bet it is.

Looks like making money online will have to wait a little longer. 🙂 Even though I miss Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera, I have to read about Lisey Landon’s adventure to Juno Beach.