Stephen King‘s “The Stand” (along side “The Dark Tower” masterpiece of course) are considered by fans as Mr. Kings Magnum Opus.

The recent news has it that after the highly adaptation of “The Gunslinger” into a graphic novel, Marvel will be doing the same for the classic apocalyptic novel “The Stand”

The production will oversee the whole project being the acting as a creative supervisor, and it’s going to be written by Roberto Sacasa, with art by Mike Perkins and covers by Lee Berjemo.

The first issue will be released by September of this year

There are unanswered question still:

  • How many issues will the series run?
  • Is this going to be a direct adaptation?
  • Or is it going to be like The Dark Tower in that it will be a kind of spin-off?

Stephen King fans are surely excited about this! Including me! I have my own set of The Gunslinger marvel comics myself! 😀


Here’s something worth mentioning about a future project involving Stephen King

I first read the ‘news’ on Moose Jaw that the a short story from Mr. King’s Nightmares and Dreamscape called Dolan’s Cadillac will be produced and to be shown on 2009.

True or not, that was my thought too.

I then checked IMDB and saw that it is indeed in pre production!

Dolan’s Cadillac is about

“a dark revenge tale about Las Vegas middle school science teacher Tom Robinson whose beloved wife Francey witnesses an execution in the desert and is then targeted for death by the mobster who committed it, notorious Vegas crime lord Jimmy Dolan. Dolan’s vast wealth stems from his control of The Mandarin casino. Dolan succeeds in having Francey killed before she can testify against him. Faced with resistance from law enforcement, Tom sets out to avenge his wife’s death..”

There’s a mention of Stephen King on one of io9‘s article – about STD on space. 🙂

Let’s qoutes: (spelling intentional)

there is the excellent space disease that comes in a meterorite in one of the short stories in 1980s classic movie Creepshow. Stephen King in a rare movie acting role plays a dim-witted guy in Maine who touches the meterorite and slowly turns into a giant plant creature.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen this movie.. probably not, I can’t recall.. nor read the book.. but for Stephen King to appear on a movie based on his work is not at all that surpringsing. He always do that.. There quite a number of films where he was in character and on scene for a couple of seconds.

Can you name one?

Pet Cematery for example…?

The current issue that Mr. Stephen King is facing reminded me of the one with John Lennon’s “Popular than Jesus Christ” statement.

Common? Well, after the statement, people didn’t took notice until some days (weeks) later. Now, a particular blogger criticized Mr. Stephen King that apparently Americans can’t read.

Mr. Stephen King commented back saying:

“That a right-wing-blog would impugn my patriotism because I said children should learn to read, and could get better jobs by doing so, is beneath contempt,”

“I live in a National Guard town, and I support our troops, but I don’t support either the war or educational policies that limit the options of young men and women to any one career — military or otherwise,”

I’m sure Mr. King didn’t meant to say that America can’t read… then again, he’s the wordsmith..

I just read from Larry of The Fire Wire that Mr. Stephen King will be, could be, possible be coming out with a brand new (well, sort of ) book!

He mentioned that there’s this unfinished manuscript of Mr. King initially titled “The Cannibal’ first written in 1983 will be brought out of the trunk again and may be continued.

According to Stephen King who appeared on CSPAN2 this evening on the program, “A writing Discussion with Stephen, Tabitha, and Owen King”, the book has come back to life. He read an excerpt from what promises to be a very long novel entitled “Under the Dome”.

For Stephen King fans, this is big! I guess, we’ll just have to wait. If you guys have any update or news on these, please comment… I’m really excited on everything stephen king. 🙂

Here’s quick excerpt I bumped upon one site. It mentioned that:

Stephen King, the horror writer, praised Ms Rowling for “having fun” in the last Harry Potter novel, adding that she had “set the standard – it’s a high one”.

Looks like it is true that being a famous writer do have enemies too… or in a writer’s term, critics. But with a fan like Stephen King, who would take notice of those critic eh?

My Stephen King Blog

May 6, 2008

Aside from the classic “Hello World” post, this is first post ever of this blog…

I imported my ‘mystephenkingbooks’ blogspot  blog here. Then I thought, I’m making a duplicate content that Google really really hates, so what I did was erase all the posts (except one, edited it anyway, so it’s not a duplicate).

Anyway, on this blog, I will try and post articles and news (or gossip) about the Master Story Teller himself so I am updated with the things that is happening to his career and hopefully his life… yes, I am a fan.

So stay a while and enjoy!


March 30, 2008

(This was the latest blog entry from my original “Mystephenkingbooks” blog at blogspost… You can read the rest of the entry there, thanks very much)..
I was walking around my room this morning and out of nothing started browsing/looking to the shelves of my Stephen King books collections and thought to myself, “Geez, I sure have lots of collection. Wonder which of these are the best”.

My answer? Insomia.

The paperback book (and the hardbound) copy that I have are few inches thick! Can you imagine how long that super novel is?

But every word is worth it! Insomnia is my favorite ‘at the moment’. Probably because the story, scene and characters are still fresh on my mind. Geez, I can still see the scene where the ‘kamikaze’ pilot is going to drop the plane!

I love “Bag of Bones” too at some point when I re-read it for the third times. What I’m trying to say is that, Stephen King has tremendously large number of fantastic books and to decide which one is the best (or your favorite) should not be asked… very hard for a human mind to comprehend.. 😀